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Global Teacher Institute (Download Application)

Global – the New Normal: In School, For Life is the institute for infusing Global Education in the K-12 learning and teaching process. 

All educators are global educators.  It is their responsibility to expand the boundaries of what students, global citizens, need to know, help students practice the skills needed for a lifetime, and become analytical thinkers.  Infusing global perspectives into classroom management and teaching results in improved student engagement in learning, improvement in student application and leadership competence.  As students’ global and cross-cultural awareness increase and they gain personal confidence, they are poised to become more involved in their local and global communities.  We believe this “world class” education is key to the improvement to the quality of life in any community.

To this end, we are establishing an institute that will enhance the education of our students by educating their teachers to provide a global perspective in all subjects and grade levels.  The modern workplace demands that our youth apply global perspectives and cross-cultural competencies.  Employers are seeking these skills among their workers.  Workers are also seeking communities with great schools and leisure activities that include a global component, which will increase their quality of life. American youth must realize that professional work has no boundaries and is seeking the best candidates and we must prepare our youth to compete in this global marketplace.

The Institute will be two powerful days of teacher learning and application. The first institute will be June 15-16, 2015. Participants will consist of elementary, middle, and high school teachers from the tri-state area.  Approximately one-fourth of the institute will consist of an overview of the rationale and themes of global education, intercultural competence, and knowledge of global systems.  The core of the institute will provide participants with strategies to infuse global perspectives concepts and support to modify existing lessons and activities.  This initiative does not include any new or mandated curriculum. Grade-alike groups will have time to develop and/or enhance lessons. Sample lessons and activities will be available as well as support personnel from the Endowment.

Our vision is to have this institute be one more piece of an emerging mosaic that is Dubuque in the 21st Century, making Global the New Normal: In School and For Life.  This initiative, intended to be perpetual, will reinforce existing city initiatives of cultural inclusivity and environmental sustainability, enhancing Dubuque’s role as a leader.  In summary, this initiative will add value to Dubuque’s transformation to being a great place to enjoy life and learn from a global perspective.





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